Administration & Staff

Principal- x6256
Mrs. Kelly Boersma - kaboersma@munster.us

Assistant Principal - x6251
Mr. Victor Torres - vmtorres@munster.us

School Services Provider – x6261
Christina Brunetti - clbrunetti@munster.us

Secretary to the Principal –x6264
Tina Lonardi - tmlonardi@munster.us

Assistant Secretary–x6240
Tina Certa-tmcerta@munster.us

School Nurse–x6248
Tina Shamel -tmshamel@munster.us

School Resource Officer–x7485
James Ghrist - jlghrist@munster.us

The School Service Provider is under the direction of Special Education, and is responsible for assisting with the following tasks: behavioral assessment of students, generating and implementing behavioral plans to remediate behavioral and social problems for students in general or special education programs. I am also available for consultation to school personnel and parents. The role of the School Service Provider is to facilitate, assess and support instructional programs for students in general and special education; provide training and work collaboratively with teachers, and support staff. To demonstrate best practices, strategies and techniques to enhance instruction for students with social, communication, behavioral and learning challenges; provide preventative classroom lessons such as bullying prevention, problem solving, self-esteem, developing social skills, etc. The School Service Provider will work with classrooms, individuals, or small groups.

*Please be advised that the services provided are Educational Based Counseling, related to students’ thoughts, feelings, and behavior within the school environment. If you feel that your student is in need of additional therapeutic supports the School Service Provider can assist with locating those services within your community.*